Sukuk Analytica Workshop

Module Description

In order to face industry revolution 4.0, the traditional way of structuring sukuk is now
shifting towards technology-based. The industry is forced to develop innovative sukuk
which using technology as its platform. Accordingly, this workshop will cover a range of
issues from basic sukuk structure to the latest innovation including Blockchain, ESG and
SDG based structure. The workshop will also shed light on the key factors in determining
prospective sukuk and employing appropriate data analytics tools to enable industry
practitioners to choose the best possible sukuk. By using industry case studies and
analytical tools, hands – on session will help to advance participant's ability to create their
own innovative and cost – effective sukuk structure.

Workshop Description

To analyse sukuk in term of structure and Shariah aspects
To discuss the issues of disruptive technologies & innovation in sukuk
To appreciate Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in sukuk market
To analyse the legal documentations and agreement used in sukuk
To engage in hands-on exercises in sukuk from different aspects

Workshop Registration Fee: RM 1,500/ person


JJuly 2-3, 2019 (Tuesday-Wednesday)


Security Commission, Malaysia